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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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ith the world on edge the ap is reporting this hour that up to six accomplices in the paris attacks may still be at large. it's monday, january 12th and this is "now." >> the hunt for accomplices in the paris terrorist attacks. >> the most wanted woman in the world, hayat boumeddiene. >> looks like she has gone to isis controlled territory in syria. >> it is very hard to find people in syria. >> this country feels very vulnerable. >> this is not a french problem. this is something the whole world has to get together and come up with a unified solution. >> an international breaking story. >> the twitter page of central command has been hacked.
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>> those sites have been taken down while they try to figure out what to do next. >> it is embarrassing. >> there's a significant difference between a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account. you tube and twitter accounts for the u.s. military central command are suspended this afternoon following a hack hours ago by isis sympathizers. while it's unclear whether the hack went any further than social media shenanigans, it is a very public humiliation for the u.s. government coming on the same day the u.s. president called for new legislation to bolster security. criticism the u.s. ambassador to france was the highest level american president at yesterday's unity rally in
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paris, one that featured dozens of world leaders. today the white house admitted it had made a mistake. >> i think it's fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there. that said there is no doubt that the american people and this administration stand four square behind our allies in france as they face down this threat. >> john kerry said he'll travel to paris thursday and friday for a show of solidarity. according to associated press reports, french police believe as many as six members of the french terror cell may still be at large. joining me now is the associate editor for "the washington post" and director and president of the woodrow wilson center. how reliable do you think
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countries like turkey can be as the western world and specifically france intelligence tries to trace where these folks are? >> let's start with what the claim is that there are six people. that could be true and there could be 60 people. we obviously need better intelligence than we've had, and the way to get that is cooperation among all the governments that are on the side of civilized nations against isil. turkey can be more helpful because turkey is the border with syria, and that's where this woman crossed. i'm guessing turkey didn't have full information that she's a person of interest and that's a glitch we have to close. >> david, let me ask you in terms of -- jane just referred to isil. we have heard mention of al qaeda and aqap. that is a question we're going to return to a lot in the show today, but a lot of folks in the
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west seem to understand the divide between isis and aqap and have a hard time wrapping their heads around the notion that two of the fighters could have been one from isis and one from aqap and the divide between those two organizations is almost tangential. it is almost the banner of jihadism that united them. this divide that we see might not be substantive in this case. how do you read that situation? >> my analysis is that you need to think of this terrorism problem from the ground up in terms of the local gangs that are operating. in this case in the north of paris where the men who attacked the kosher deli seem to have or
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originate originated. you have groups of disaffected young people who may be a part of a mosque or may spin off into a subsidiary line with some kind of spiritual leader. you have facilitators who surround those people who could be drawn into broader jihadist activities. once upon a time there was a sharper dividing line between a aqap and other jihadist groups. this is the best example we've had yet where where they were trained and facilitated by aqap. i think the french who were i'm sure embarrassed they didn't know more about this network, didn't track it more carefully, are working 24/7 to
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recruit, understand get inside it. you need to have better relationships with the people be they governments or groups in north african/arab community across france. >> when we talk about recruit recruitment recruitment, one of the areas where isis has been successful is social media networks. hacking of twitter accounts may not mean much for u.s. national security, but a recruitment tool showing isis can hack into a public portal for the united states military unified command. how meaningful do you think that is? >> it is very meaningful. people just crowing about how
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they got inside centcom. >> let me add a couple things to that. these are public accounts. the tweets and youtube are not the classified networks that our military uses so this is embarrassing, but it is not a fundamental breach of national security. they've also been hacking into small newspapers around the country. it worries me that social media and certainly these magazines like "inspire," which is a magazine al awlaki are recruiting tools for the bad guys. we have to get better at using social media, penetrateing their sites, and counter narratives. let me say one other thing about aqap and isil and other groups. david is right about this. think in terms of the chart. not a top down command and control network.
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that's not what we have in terrorsprks inc. it is loosely based groups attached horizontally. turkey has had a very ambivalent policy about isil. finally, it's being more helpful in policing the border. what really worries about these affiliations to yemen is the bomb maker is still alive and well despite being on the u.s. most wanted lists and other most wanted lists for a long time. he's the guy who invented the underwear bomb for the underwear bomber. i worry terribly that something that could cause higher
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consequences could be transferred to some of these folks in the west and we have to worry about bombs. we have to worry about loose nukes from pakistan and there's a whole range of things that we now, on a joint basis, have to have our intelligence eyes and ears are looking for. >> you're talking about the changing nature of the enemy here. i wonder what you thought of eric holder's refuelsal to say that the united states is at war with radical islam. explain to me what you think the calculation is behind not acknowledgeing that. >> i think red hot rhetoric like a war on terrorism, or a new war on terrorism, is read as a war on muslims. it's not, but they read it that way. there's a way in which this
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problem of young jihadist youth is like young gang oriented youth in los angeles, east los angeles, or in mexico or in colombia colombia. i know our law enforcement intelligence officials are looking carefully about what colombia did to turn a super violent narco problem around. i think the idea of turning this into a war using military rhetoric takes us down a road the united states went down after september 11th, 2001. as we have seen, that's a bumpy road with a lot of mistakes. i think the united states and attorney general eric holder is right to caution about that kind of rhetoric. you need to be smarter this time around and understand much of the work is not military. it's not even going to be done by governments. it's going to be done by people in these communities. the question is how do you
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facilitate them with out delegit delegitmiezing or stigmatizing them. >> do you think that is part of a broader calculation to separate america from this in some way? i guess i wonder when you see netanyahu and hollande in linked arms what would the idea be? >> obama, michelle obama, joe biden, bill clinton, george bush. there were a lot of options of high level people who have their head in this game and would have send a very strong message. that photo op was very meaningful. you were talking about social
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media. what messages are we sending? we need to send a message and the rhetoric was there last week. john kerry was very powerful in english and french that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our oldest ally. but it meant a lot to me to see the president of mali right in the front row with all the others. one other thing about muslim communities, we have done a pretty good job in the united states, a better job than france has, in building trust with muslim communities. the l.a. pd has built bridges to the muslim community, which is fairly large in the los angeles area, and built trust by doing that. community policing can work. that means that these communities, when they see something in their own families or in their neighbors' families that looks weird, talks to law
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enforcement. law a david is right. we have to keep the rhetoric down, but we also have to keep the messages to the muslim community positive. >> we're going to talk more about the prison in paris as a breeding ground for jihadists. when we come back, the video that might show france's most wanted woman on her way to syria syria. we'll discuss the hunt for potential accomplices, plus the other terror attacks you haven't heard about. boca haram used a child as a suicide bomber. house republicans are looking to roll back years of reform on immigration. callahan's? ehh, i mean get away. like away away.
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as 10,000 french security forces are deployed at sensitive sites around the country, today two french officials say as many as six terror cell members could still be at large. it comes after french prime minister warned that amedi coulibaly had one or more accomplices. his common law wife hayat, boumeddiene, fled the country prior to attacks. while investigators probe ties to global terror networks, much of the radicalization appears to
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have occurred at home. cherif, the younger of the two kouachi brothers, was radicalized. it could have been a personal bond that formed the basis of their collaboration. as evidence of that, kouachi said he was financed by the arabian peninsula while coulibaly pledged alliance to isis. this is a distinction without a difference. the super bosses may be wrapped up in these ideological fights but the followers are not. let's first talk about the reports from the ap that there may be as many as six more members of this terror cell on
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the run. is that surprising to you in any way? >> it is not so surprising. we don't know all the details yet, but we all saw the video of the two brothers. there was the other attack by coulibaly. there was a lot of question marks on whether they were connected or not. intelligence is key. following every single detail getting into the whole communication sphere. who did they communicate with before? and i mean the paris terrorists. likely even in the middle east that is all to be determined later. >> we have this video potentially of hayat boumeddiene heading into syria. granted this has been a really fluid situation, but for french intelligence services which have had these guys on their
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radar for years, how do you grade the response thus far understanding that there are a lot of moving pieces? >> is it surprise is it surprising that this video is only coming out now? is this a reasonable timeline for this to be revealed? >> it is honestly a little bit confusing. she might have departed to syria before the operation took place. it might have been in the plot that she would depart to syria before these attacks. she could become this widow to try to take revenge in the future or a welcome in a jihadist war zone. it's been really convoluted and confusing. if turkey had a pretty close eye on her, they would know exactly where she was headed. >> this reflects there is not intelligence sharing going on between turkey and france or at least not coordinated the way one would hope it would be?
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>> there's lots of pockets of information that are not clear. we really need to get the intelligence apparatus in turkey to provide all the information they have for the french authorities to conduct a much thorough investigation into this larger plot. >> clint watts from the foreign policy research institute writes that the manifestation of the al qaeda social movement is held together by three sources. the second is the unending call for jihad and the third is the wests failure to adapt to the wicked problem of non-state threats. syria is a very thorny foreign policy concern. the third piece about the west's failure to adapt to non-state
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problems in a networked world -- >> i think there's a precedent in dealing with this. if we go back to the late 18th early 1900s, when dealing with the anarchist problem, there has been the lone wolf anarchists who conducted terrorist operations. before he was killed he encouraged comrades to do the same. over 100 years later, we see this problem with jihadist terrorism, if you will or by individuals who rely on radical interpretations of the koran to conduct their operations. i think the west has yet to catch up with the entire ideology and the mere fact that we don't see just a specific group of people joining, people from all classes, all nations, from the west and the middle east, it is a much bigger problem than the anarchist
1:23 pm
problem was back then and it is a problem that is seeping into all different societies. we have to have a holistic approach when dealing with this problem. we also need to create a counter narrative that would be carried out by the youngsters in the middle east and north africa that are being impacted by terrorism. >> that seems like a very complex and long-term solution but certainly one that would be effective, if it was in place. it's good to see you. thank you iffor your time. the man who was acquitted for murdering trayvon martin is arrested for aggravated assault once again. that is just ahead. major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta
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we have some breaking news to report on the 2016 presidential field. paul ryan has decided not to run for president in 2016. mitt romney's 2012 running mate says republicans have a number of capable candidates who have every ability to become president. sources on friday told casey hunt that the former governor and two-time republican loser may be complicating a third bid. just ahead, the brothers who attacked "charlie hebdo" said they were from al qaeda's branch in yemen. why aren't the leaders from that group claiming responsibility? n average adult lifetime that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice. drink more water. filtered by brita.
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wednesday. in the days following the attack in addition to being radicalized in france they had perhaps traveled to yemen. before he was killed by french security forces cherif kouachi said it was al awlaki who had financed his trip to yemen. aqap directed the operation against "charlie hebdo," but an audio recording praised the attack but stopped short of taking responsibility for it. joining me now is the author of the book "dirty wars the world is a battlefield." it's always good to see you.
1:32 pm
>> good to see you. >> let's talk about what your working thesis is on aqap's involvement in this. >> they have official channels they do that through. it is attributeed to the senior leadership of the organization. it is either accompanyied by a video or they make a statement. he goes on that plane and there was all sorts of aqap saying we did this we did this. it wasn't until four months later that aqap released an official "we did this" statement. over the past year aqap has shifted the way that they take responsibility for attacks from
1:33 pm
traditional al qaeda media organizations and discussions groups of jihadists to twitter. what i received was a communication from an aqap official saying we directed this and we take responsibility for it. moments after we did that aqap began to tweet out paragraph by paragraph the statement they had given me earlier in the day in arabic. even if they do say we did this questions are still going to be out there. >> and the isis connection amedi coulibaly had this video. it is very hazy in zissue. do you think that's a tangential
1:34 pm
discussion? >> isis and aqap have long been a feud over supremacy of the islamic jihadist movement globally. you can raise funds off of it because if you're the big dog on the block, people will back you. but the other is to sort of say, we are the supreme group in the world and everyone should flock to us if you want to join an international uprising or cause. it's pretty unthinkable that these two groups at any high level would decide to coordinate. you were talking earlier in the program about the sort of domestic politics that may have influenced these guys to do this action. my thesis right now is that one or both of the brothers the kouachi brothers had some training or support inside of yemen from aqap. they may have helped them devise the plot ultimately. this was years ago that these
1:35 pm
guys were there and that combined with their own experience of being muslims in france the islamaphobia in that society. >> what about anwar al awlaki? has he more power in death than in life? >> i would say even though he is dead, he still is probably the most significant english speaking radical figure in the global sort of jihadist world. part of the reason he was so popular is not because he was saying things that aren't said every day. but it's because he also spoke a language of the streets. he made a lot of analogies to
1:36 pm
pop culture. he was radicalized by u.s. wars. the pentagon met with al awlaki right after 9/11 he was invited to speak at the pentagon at a time when he was being investigated over the fact that some of 9/11 hijackers visited his mosque. >> amedi coulibaly may have been met with nicholas sar ko si. to talk about yemen, we talk about drone strikes in yemen. we don't have a firm number of confirmed strikes or casualties. have we done -- by in accounts this is a failed state. i wonder if you think we are doing anything right over there,
1:37 pm
because some officials will argue that al awlaki is more potent to this day. is any path we're pursuing at this point the right one? >> i think we're doing almost everything we could do wrong in yemen. the day that the paris shootings happened, aqap conducted an attack on a police academy and killed 30 people at that police academy. it barely registered a blip on the radar. what we're doing through our drone strikes is giving aqap legitimatecy legitimacy. we're not above killing someone's 16-year-old son, al
1:38 pm
awlaki's son. our policy has been counterproductive, but we're on the side of a lot of human rights abusing forces throughout the muslim world. you had all of these world leaders who are ennymysemyies of a free press leading this march. there were a lot of great cartoons pointing out the hypocrisy. hey, we're here to defend a free press. >> in terms of syria, which seems to be -- yemen is very much a locus of all this as is syria. in yemen we have the shite
1:39 pm
militia militia. >> removing saddam hussein from power and another nationalist were keeping in check these forces who are now vying for control. the u.s. has long been on the wrong side of history in that region as far as many ordinary people are concerned and the societies have been decimated economically. a lot of these places people went into a free fall. who catches people in a free fall? why do people shoot up schools here? something happens in their life and they are captured by an idea. that combined with some mental illness can produce the shootings that we see. same is true with these young people in muslim societies. they are captured by the idea if they do these acts they are committing an act that is going to make them historically
1:40 pm
famous. >> the fact that people are getting radicalized to that extent in the western world is perhaps the most disturbing part of all this. you guys are breaking some big stories over there. thank you for your time. coming up from big oil to deportations it is open season for republicans on capitol hill. that's just ahead. ♪ with the incredible fuel efficiency
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we have some breaking news to report out of south dakota where a federal judge declared the state's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. the effect of the decision is on hold in order to give the state a chance to appeal the ruling. 36 states and the district of columbia currently allow same sex couple ls to marry.
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as the world focuses on the deadly terror attacks in france here at home the grand ole party has wasted no time asserting its new found control over congress. the measure wouldn't just try to roll back president obama's most recent executive actions, ones which protect about 5 million
1:48 pm
undocumented workers from deportation. it would also attempt to unwind policies from the president's first term ones that protect immigrants who came to this country as children and those who served in the u.s. armed forces. these are not people trying to enter the country illegally. according to the new york times, so much for the gop not being the scary party. this counts as definite screw you to the immigrants. joining me now is democratic representative from illinois's fourth district congressman louis gutierriez. what are house republicans doing here? >> first, let's be happy it will they ever become law.
1:49 pm
it won't get to the senate. they won't even bring it to a vote. the president are going to veto it. let's put that aside. but, look it's clear, alex. what immigration, any kind of positive action on immigration, does not unite the republican party. so what have they done? what unites us? being against obama. so they're going to reach back as you suggest, back to his first term. this is a party that on a national scene, right, for everyone to see is going to commit political suicide. >> but that's exactly the point, congressman, which i don't understand. presumably all of this is to placate their base. none of it is going to go through. none of it have been enforced. at the same time republicans will alienate themselves. what is the upside as you see
1:50 pm
it, for them? >> here it is. they are going to the extreme elements of their party to placate them. extreme elements of their party, if they were on this program, they would say we're delirious. we're so happy. this is the best we have ever done in terms of the party actually responding to what we demand because it is not enough to roll back the president's executive order. we want to make sure members of the military who have fought or are fighting have the same priority for deportation as a criminal who is selling drugs on our street. they don't see any difference. they just don't see any difference. >> in word, i can see how they would be delirious. none of this would actually -- congress can basically do nothing to unwind any of these executive actions, upcoming or
1:51 pm
past. from these conservative elements in the house, do they not realize this is unenforceable? >> they don't believe any kind of immigration. let's remember. to show you how sad this is one year ago, if you were interviewing you, we would be talking about headlines in the press as they go off, right, and talk about positive things they're going to do around immigration. remember all their new priorities for immigration and how they were going to have all these new priorities for immigration and they were going to go into their retreat? it was in all the headlines one year ago. one year late the extremist segment, i don't like any immigrants, i don't want any immigration policy, that's the really sad case. deport them all. when they asked me, you can, in one word, deportation. that is the key, the fantasy,
1:52 pm
that somehow you can resolve this kriscrippling immigration system by deporting everybody. look, it may win them the next election in their corner of the world, but this will be re repugnant to the people. >> with me now is jeremy peters. jeremy after all this hue and cry, is the theme that's going to pass come february 2017 just a clean funding bill? >> yes. i don't think the house is going to attach and get through the senate at all, especially the ones that would do things like make it possible for the government to start deporting people who came to the country illegally as children. >> jeremy, how do you read
1:53 pm
boehner's shepherding of this? he doesn't care about the right flank of his party. this proposal would seem to show that he very much does care about the right flank of his party, even though the right flank is not going to get exactly what they want. >> i think he's doing exactly what he has to do. these conservatives have been clamoring for a vote since december. remember they didn't get what they wanted. one that ended up passing, i think, they felt was toothless. it's going to be a largely empty symbolic vote. >> we're saying that now, right? weeks ahead, this going to be an empty symbolic vote. does the conservative caucus
1:54 pm
just not care? why are they writing letters to santa claus? >> they want to be able to go back to their constituents and say, look i voted on it. there are also people who believe they can use this to keep pushing other republicans and pushing president obama and democrats to do something. now, of course, that's not going to happen. this is not going to pass the senate. the president would veto it anyway. ted cruz he would argue put it up to as many votes as you can in the senate. make democrats take a vote on this and put them on the record. while democrats may see that as a waste of time they do want to get democrats on record here. >> let me ask you -- speaking about democrats, the keystone pipeline vote what is the latest on that in terms of democrats crossing the aisle to support the republican push for
1:55 pm
the keystone pipeline? >> there will be about ten or so democrats who cross the aisle and vote on this. i think the latest i heard is they're expecting about 63 yes votes tonight. that is enough to break a filibuster, but it's not enough to sustain a presidential veto. >> thank you for joining the show jeremy. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. coming up remember those nigerian schoolgirls? remember them. they are still missing, and the group that abducted them and may have sold them into sexual slave slavery slavery, that group has gotten even worse. ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do.
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out of 42 vehicles... based on 6 different criteria... why did a panel of 11 automotive experts... ... name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons the all-new volkswagen golf starting at $17,995. there's an award winning golf for everyone. while all eyes have been on france, another group of islamic militants has continued its brutal campaign of terror in africa. yesterday boca haram used two girls as suicide bombers in a
1:59 pm
market in northwestern nigeria, killing at least five people. on saturday a young girl no more than 10 years old blew herself up at a different location. the body is beyond recognition, but you can see it is a young person, a young pretty girl. according to nigerian officials, the girl resisted before the bomb went off. boca haram slaughtered an estimated 2,000 people. amnesty international described them incident as boca haram's deadliest massacre to date. that's all. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show." live from new york. let's get to work. >> if we're going to be connected, then we need to be
2:00 pm
protected. >> the centcom twitter page has been hack. >> it is responsible for the operational command directing the strategy of operations of some significant campaigns around the world. >> any classified information they have would be absolutely critical and devastating in released. >> we're still examining and investigating the extent of this incident. >> the official centcom youtube site began playing isis videos. >> watch your back, isis. we won't stop. we know everything about you, your wives, and your children. >> we shouldn't have to forfeit our basic privacy when we go online to do our business. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. i find it very disturbing. how


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